Update: Is Nicki Minaj Impersonating Another Up And Coming Rapper? Part 1

It’s been awhile since many of us have heard anything from the Barbie, Nicki Minaj,but her new look and persona are questionable.

It has recently come to our attention that rapper; Nicki Minaj appears to be intentionally yet semi-subliminally going after upcoming Major League Music female rapper, ImYouNik, by mimicking her look and taking subliminal diss shots on 2 of her most recent songs. It has also come to our attention that she may have had assisted help by a mutual associate between Nicki and Imyounik and that the impersonation has been going on since 2008 off and on.

As of now the IAHHMAG team is currently gathering information on the possible smoking gun. We will let you know who that person is once it has been confirmed. In the mean time provided below are just a few examples that shed light on just how Nicki has been mimicking this artist.

For starters, artist, Imyounik posted a video for her single “That Hoe” December 7, 2012; this track was a part of her upcoming mixtape at the time entitled Attention Whore (that was released in 2013). In the song there is a line @2:26 where she mentions “Nicki” in the reference to numerous comparisons to Nicki Minaj; the line in no way was a “call out”, but simply went to state that she, “through a little Nicki in it, but the haters say she got too much Nicki in her.”

In contrast, Nicki Minaj put out a cover/remix to “Boss Ass B***h” at the end of December 2013 (around a year after Imyounik’s track) where she makes reference to Imyounik as well as her label Major League Music. Reference 1: (@2:27) where she states “You know I still lead the League in scoring. Then, reference 2: (@2:33-) where she states, “I’ma give bitches time to get hot (keep in mind that Imyounik is still fairly new to the industry) then again at “…if they actually got bars, they could rock” (Imyounik often refers to herself as a rockstar); then she proceeds on the verse stating how she will “destroy b****es” and so on and so forth. Please note that she also makes sounds @2:50- that sounds similar to the background screams that Imyounik does in her track.

Nicki Minaj also makes references to Imyounik in the Danny Glover remix track (which was released January 2014) starting @0:39 she states “ Who the f**k told them that they was like Nicki, oh no b****es didn’t. I’m a give b****es a minute of shine then I’ll tell you good riddens.” As mentioned earlier, Imyounik has been compared to Nicki Minaj on numerous occasions and even mentioned the associations in the “That Hoe” track. Again, unlike in Nicki’s verse, Imyounik doesn’t make a remark to call out Nicki but instead, acknowledges the comparisons briefly then proceeds with the rest of the track. Contrary to her verse Nicki barely gives Imyounik a minute to shine before quickly adjusting her looks to be greatly similar to Imyounik’s.

Speaking of which, on to the recent style changes of Nicki Minaj. If you haven’t noticed Nicki has recently traded in her notorious blonde hair to black (her natural hair color) and took several pictures for her Instagram, which showcased wing-tipped eyeliner and a ponytail up-do. On the other hand, Imyounik has always had this same look that features heavy black eye-liner with wing-tips and has had the same up-do in at least two of her videos online, see the comparison below.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.47.23 PM

(This is Imyounik in her BET hot 16 cypher from July 15, 2012)


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.16.00 PM

(Now here is Nicki Minaj taken February 2014)


Also, as mentioned before, the wing-tipped eye-liner (which has always been a part of her signature look)



(Please keep in mind that both of these images were taken well over a year ago.)



(Recent pictures of Nicki Minaj showcasing her “new look” at photoshoot,February 2014.)

Last but not least, another reason it’s proposed that Nicki Minaj has been mimicking Imyounik is that recently from January 27-31, 2014 Imyounik went on a tour where she was headlining with another Young Money (YMCMB) rapper, T Rone and well as Cap 1 (2 Chainz artist/Motown Records).
Coast2Coast had been promoting Imyounik since the beginning of December all through out January.

Now does it not come as somewhat of a coincidence that not long after Imyounik goes on tour with people from Young Money, the same label as Nicki, that Nicki Minaj begins to make multiple changes to her appearance that are oddly similar to Imyounik? Call it what you want, but the evidence has made it too obvious to ignore; Nicki Minaj is mirroring Imyounik from a stylistic standpoint as well as subliminally calling her out on tracks.

We believe they have been silently having social media wars. The only reason we say that is because we have been watching both of their social media. Remember(Lookin Ass Niggas) Nicki put’s up a photo of a leopard with a caption that reads: “Here P*ssy P*ssy then the very next day Imyounik put’s a photo up of a very mean and vicious looking lion that reads “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” Who was she talking to? Is it a coincidence that ImYouNik’s birthday is in August which means her zodiac sign would be LEO???

Based on the provided information (and hopefully your own independent research), you may find it a bit clearer that Nick Minaj, who is best known for taking on various persona’s (Roman, Martha, Rosa, and the Harajuku Barbie) and even went to school for theater has merely chosen to take on yet another persona. This isn’t the first time either that Nicki has been called out for taking someone else’s signature style; does Lil Kim ring a bell? Well, this time she has decided to go for someone who’s presence is still fairly discreet in the industry/public time; this time it is by imitating Imyounik.

You ask why would Nicki Minaj want to counteract Imyounik? Well, when we recently when through all of her videos on her youtube channel and listened to her mixtapes, Imyounik would be a formidable opponent. Yes, we said it, and if we said it we meant it. Imyounik is 22 years old, influenced by Shady (Bobby Creekwater)and can rap her ass off, and she can dance, and she is a songwriter and a musician.

We can’t be too far off because Imyounik has recorded what appears to be a response diss directly towards Nicki showing off her lyrical capabilities. All though Imyounik never mentions her name it’s pretty obvious whom she is talking to. Not to mention, the Nicki Minaj lookalike in the video among other things. If Nicki is mimicking this girl and we believe she is, it looks like she may have bitten off a little bit more than she can chew.

Check out the video Boss Ass Chick, the amazing thing about this talent is she hardly says any cuss words, but she murders the track the way a real MC should do it. Check out the video below.

Update: CONFIRMED- ACCORDING TO IMYOUNIK’S MOTHER NICKI MINAJ HAS NOT ONLY BEEN IMPERSONATING IMYOUNIK BUT THE SMOKING GUN IS NON OTHER THAN LIL TWIST!!! Uh OH!!!! Stay tuned as we put up part two of this article to bring to light YMCMB Lil Twist and his role in the beef between ImyouNik and Nicki Minaj!

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