“FRVR” album review.

The Atlanta, GA super group Two-9 is back with a project to follow up 2015’s B4FRVR (which was a great body of work, you should go check that out prior to this), these guys have been pretty consistent with the music, everybody coming together and working like a well oiled machine. Two-9 is like the Golden State Warriors.. so many weapons.. Curtis Williams, Key!, Jace, CeeJ, Cartier Dave, Lightskin Mac11 and DJ Osh Kosh all bringing their strengths to the team. This new project was highly anticipated..

None Of These

I’m not trying to reach but… this might be the best instrumental I’ve ever heard, the melody is beautiful.. the sample, OMG. So smooth. Everybody does this beat so much justice. I’ll definitely be running this one back several times and I’ll never get tired of it.


YES. A BANGER. “PHONE RINGING ‘EM RACKADES”, this hook is so catchy.. just yell this out.. feels good to yell, sounds good. I really like Jace on this.

This Way

The way Key! comes out the gate on this and the beat drop… FIRE. Another banger. “YES.. HUH.. THIS WAY!” I love the hook on here too, the cadence is perfect. I like the background vocals as well. Key! & Jace both ride this beat so effortlessly.

Nick Cannon

We have a wavy banger here. Wavy banger as in there’s delicate sounds on the beat but it still bangs.. smooth sounds on here. Naming this song Nick Cannon is the best thing Nick Cannon has been involved with that wasn’t Drumline.


Aww man this is already sounding smooth already.. we have another wavy banger. This type of sound is what I’d think you’d hearing if you were cruising through the galaxy.

Used To Be Down

Is this Fetty Wap?? Sounds like I should be hearing YEAAAAA BABYYYY. This beat sounds like a left over from Fetty’s debut album.. I like this of course. Key! & Jace tag team on a great as usual.

Don’t Try Me

“You must like pressing my buttons. Read the instructions, you’ll be reluctant.” is probably a top 7 way to start a song.. best and relatable hook you’ll hear. I like this beat and the “DON’T TRY MEEEEEE YEAAAAA”. Nothing to complain with on this song.

Larry Hughes

Me being an Allen Iverson fan, I already knew this song was gonna be legendary because of it being entitled his sidekick back in his late 90s/early 2000s days.. and yup I was right. This beat is amazing.. the horns.. the hook.. so catchy and smooth. Might be the best verses on this album.


EAR DRUMMERS!” already know a banger is on the horizon.. yup. The beat drop.. MAN. Loving this instrumental along with the “SIPPIN’ WIT MY SIPPAAAAAAA” hook. When does Jace not kill a track??? Been saying Jace is a gem.


How does a song came out the gate with so much flame so fast like this? What. A. Beat. “I’M THE ONEEE THEY WAAAANT”, this track is golden. Everybody rides this beat with ease.. this is greatness I’m hearing.


The bass on here is second to none. I love the message on here. Treating your close friends like family… treating their family members like their yours. Great song.. very relatable when you have friends you’ve grown up with.


Excellent beat. Love the hook on here too. Great closer track. This is a cherry on top of a greatly constructed cake.

Final verdict:

I don’t wanna say this album is perfect but.. maaan it’s close. Great production all the way through, no lackluster hooks or verses.. you can tell they put time into this one. Everybody does their thing on here. It’s not easy coming together on a project with a group.. everybody’s gotta be on the same page musically and that was executed on this. Give this a listen.