The Interlude

I’ve allowed social media to take over my life
Watching other people live life is like killing myself slowly with a knife
I’ve allowed too much time to pass and have wasted years of my life
Being counterproductive and not structured has gained me years of strife

It’s addictive like a drug so I crave it every minute
Why bother reading posts by people who can barely finish a sentence

Why bother following others who stunt knowing they don’t have it
That same mindset they possess has my mind wreaking havoc

I wanna stunt and gain as many likes they do
I want people looking at me like, yea he got it too

Looking for acceptance from an empty presence
I can say now I’ve finally learned my lesson

Looking for relationships through DMs
Tryna find the answer to love through adult films
Only to find out that world ain’t reality, it’s fiction
That creates so much tension
Now I can see why none of my relationships ever went the distance

I expected too much
Only to get a fraction of what I thought I deserved
Could never explain my side of the story so my story was never heard
My words were never processed like I wanted
Its my fault because I never cared to take that problem and confront it

Now I feel alone, abandoned in this world of damnation
I wanna talk to God but I can’t because of my lack of concentration

I’ve tried sending up a prayer, but I get distracted by life
Maybe that’s why I’m still fighting the same fight

Some say I don’t have patience
That’s because patience is a talent
I want it all right now
That’s why I’m always off balance

Life is a challenge
Life is a journey
I want respect, recognition, and acclaim
But deep down I’ll settle for the money

It’s this type of thinking that got me questioning life’s motive
It’s crazy to think that if I want my story told, I gotta promote it

Too much is killing our minds
I gotta try and rise above it
Get back to my happy place
Goddamn, I sure would love it