Lavar Ball joins Undisputed | Big Baller Brand

Lavar Ball joins Undisputed

Lavar Ball is the most talked about parent in the world right now. Lavar and Lonzo Ball released the Z02‘s the Big Baller Brand sneaker priced at $495.  A genius family business idea, that is causing a lot of controversy being the most expensive sneaker on the market.


Matt Powell, who covers the shoe business for NPD Group, a market retail tracking firm, called Ball’s first signature shoe announcement “a setback” for Lonzo Ball.

“None of the shoe companies are going to sign him now,” he said.

“They could sell 10,000 pairs, but I don’t see that as a threat to anybody,” Powell added. “This will be very short-lived. And I think, in the end, LaVar has cost his family a lot of money. For Lonzo alone, he could have gotten $2 million a year [for four or five years] on a rookie shoe deal and then, if he was good, could have re-signed for a lot more.”