Houston’s Own: Goddess Timbra’

Houston’s OWN: 

The Goddess Timbra’ 

 “I’ve been singing and recording all my life, I had interests in being a star.”
The Goddess Timbra’ was raised on the South Side of Houston, Texas where she first realized she wanted to be an artist. When she was in the 7th grade she participated in a talent showcase at her middle school. The showcase director had interests in music management, while young Timbra’ had interests in becoming a star. Since that day they began bonding and developing which led to the introducing of her current manager Alegna Mckelvin from Reussite Entertainment. However, things aren’t always perfect on the road to stardom. All artists channel their inspiration from different things and no one artist is the same. Getting her music inspiration from being a pure fan and life experiences Timbra’ states that “PAIN”, when channeled correctly is the most powerful force for her. “Nothing can drive me harder than loss and heartbreak”  The spiritual Aquarius has also stated that there have been times she has wanted to pursue other business ventures besides music but those ideas are always short lived, although she states she could definitely still open a medical marijuana cafe.

-“One of the biggest moments I’ve had so far is performing at Madison Square Garden for the Dog Show. That was my first time singing to the masses without being able to see a single face in the crowd. One of the most nostalgic moments of my life was wilding out at an EDM festival with the man I’m madly in love with.”

As a full time music junkie and positive energy activist, Timbra’a believes the industry is missing more well rounded artists. “Its too many personas and performers in the game now whose success can honestly be credited to their producers and stylists.”
“As Chaka Khan would say, I’m Every Woman…it’s all in me.”
By this she means she is every genre, every type of girl you can think of which helps her relate to anybody contributing to her early success as a songwriter.
Her music doesn’t aim for a dedicated target audience most of the time, feeling like she’s ahead of her time with her sound or giving a vibe from a place and time of the past.  She sings, raps, dances, acts, writes poems and essays and wants to put her hands on the producing side as well. “Right now I’m working on my very first EP and covering my favorite music in the meantime. I don’t have a title picked for my project yet; I’m going to put the track list together first. This first project is all about introducing myself & showing the versatility and fluidity I pride my work on.”
Check out her new single “Like Kites” and check back here on Thursdays for her new videos uploaded on her YouTube Channel.

– “Im going as far as the universe is willing. Im traveling all over the world to share my vibe with others. I’m just going to continue to ascend and not look back. I don’t really want to be “famous” per say, but it’s inevitably going to happen the more I share myself with people. Im growing spiritually and artistically until I can use my wisdom and my story to make REAL changes in the world.”
What are your rates for features?
– At the moment I don’t have a set rate. Depends on how close I am to the artist I’m collabing with, the arrangement of the song, etc. I’m pretty open to collaborations.
What’s the best way to get in contact with you if we need work done?
– I’m a Twitter junkie so definitely on my page @domstheory. You can also reach me on instagram by that same name or Facebook: DOM TIMBR’A. For features and business inquiries I always prefer emails:  My Manager Alegna / Reussiteent@gmail.com.