Poetic Vibes

Adam Henderson is a 24 year old writer who became fascinated with writing at a very young age. It all started with Adam writing sermons and mimicking his father’s preaching abilities on the top step of the staircase in his home. Many thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps . However, Adam had other plans and developed interests outside of the church. Adam drew quick inspiration from Tyler Perry and his stage plays. Adam became fascinated with how well Tyler Perry wrote, directed, produced, and performed. He loved the reaction Perry received and wanted to become just like him. He began attending acting workshops and wrote many stage plays of his own. Adam continued into college and studied acting and creative writing his first year at the University of Louisville. Soon after, Adam dropped out of school. Adam was convinced that school wasn’t for him at the time, and embarked on a new adventure that involved working up the management ladder at Chick-Fil-A, and chasing one his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. After a quick stint with that, and a hiatus from writing, he fell in love with the art again as he began to write poetry. This was the only way he could cope with his problems since he doesn’t drink or smoke. Today, Adam has published his first poetry project on Amazon, and has already begun the production of his next book to be released later on in the year. He is currently a writer for IAMHIPHOPMAG.COM part time as he has written articles varying from hip-hop to sports. He hopes to move into a bigger city by the end of the year and take on writing full time in hopes of becoming one of the greatest African American artists of all time. Everyone please stop what you are doing and support this young, black brother in his quest to be great. You can find his book on Amazon.com entitled The Interlude. The link to the book is found below. Check it out! And if comment your thoughts!