The Power Of The Pen: Melody & Lyrics

The Power Of The Pen: Melody & Lyrics

“We got together and created our first song in the living room of a co-workers home and we’ve been writing ever since”



Music is the most enjoyable thing on this planet, it can draw perfect strangers together or enhance an already strong bond by a simple line, or chorus. Matched like the perfect couple in the most beautiful elements of earth. The most important aspects of a song, or music in general, is the melody & lyrics.

With music being so widely presented and cultural you can influence or be influenced by almost anything, That’s sort of how this rising songwriting duo came to fruition. ” One day I(Nikki) was at work and a co-worker asked if I wanted to record a song, being that he heard me sing all over the office.” However Nikki had yet to write a complete song and would only sing just out of pure whim, until that very day.  ” I then decided to call my friend Jasmine knowing she wrote amazing poetry.”  We got together and created our first song in the living room of a co-workers home and Melody N Lyrics was born Jasmine “The Lyric” from Long Island, New York and Nikki the Melody from Long Beach California.


The music industry is missing US!! Melody and Lyrics.”

“We see ourselves winning a Grammy! lol, so we speak that into existence everyday! Writing for chart topping artist and creating timeless music”

So Far, So Good. Since their creation, this songwriting duo has been able to taste their first piece of success by writing a smash hit “I’m Done” for Melanie Amaro. You can hear how well these two mesh together and are able to have their experiences speak and relate to us through another womans voice.

“Our most memorable moment is when “I’m Done” a song we wrote for Melanie Amaro reached  #2 on the British Virgin Islands iTunes Charts.”

Nothing is always peachy! This is important to all writers, rappers, anybody! These two women have been faced with challenges in the business everyday. In more ways than imaginable. The beauty is being able to overcome all of it to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself and others.

“Yes at least once a week LOL!! This business is full of ups and downs, so at those down moments I (Jasmine) will hit Nikki like I’m done! She reminds me why we’re doing this and we go back at it, but it’s a frustration that we wouldn‘t change for the world”

We both have a passion for music and writing that motivates us to keep going no matter what and keep writing songs that will touch people. We don’t want to write just anything, we want our songs to impact people when they hear it.

As of right now.. These ladies have just began working with ONE Dynasty Entertainment and have their eyes set on a big second half of the year and plenty more hits to come in the future. Take a listen to some of there music and connect with Melody And Lyrics below.



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