Introducing……..Kept See Beatz

David T. Mickens aka Kept See Beatz is an Emcee, Beatmaker/Producer, and engineer. His originality and versatility has firmly placed him in the universal world of Hip Hop music. Making high quality true school real hip hop, Kept, has a golden era (Boom Bap) sound with influences in the likeness of Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, Diamond D. to 9th Wonder along with a few other legends, that makes a soulful bass-heavy sound that hip hop heads love, want, and need fueling and giving the unstoppable drive to get heard starting with steady radio play to getting signed to Ear Cookies Records, and now Molotov Cutz. making bangers daily along with fellow Molotov comrade (BBB) Big Boss Beatz aka Robert “DJ Iceman” Anderson .

Kept is a steadily rising powerful figure from Seattle to Olympia’s vast underground hip hop community and scene, and is a Ahki and treasured member of the 206 Zulu Nation. Kept See, co of L.O.E.E. and Has performed in hundreds of events east coast, northwest, and now is partnering with an Olympia hip hop heavy hitter DJ Ben Pasquan. Local DJ and promoter of the famous Le Voyeur Club. as soon as the two met the dreams shared were quickly turned into a reality when given an opportunity to create shows from scratch giving some of the northwests best upcoming artist REAL opportunities and real exposure. He is also the Co-Director z5360 (Tacoma Zulu Nation Chapter) A part of of Seattle’s most beloved underground groups Black Magic Noize, and is a member of Seattle beat coalition (FFU) Filthy Fingers United and half owner of the infamous beat team Molotov Cutz Crew. He plan on more music, more beats, and way more events and shows to come, very soon.