Top Artists Of June

Top Artists From May-June

Hardwork definitely pays off, as well as investing your time and money in what you truly believe in. The following artists are considered’s top artists based on views accumulated from May 1st-July 1st.These artists and their fans keep coming back to the site and this is our token of appreciation. This list features the top 20 Independent and/or Unsigned artists that have been featured on this site. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make the list. Just encourage your fans to check out your post more and share it on all of your social media accounts. The numbers will rise! To the artists that have made this list I would like to congratulate you, let this be motivation to you and your journey throughout this music career. Let’s see if you guys can make the year end list! God Bless.


19.)Chalant Tracks 



16.) Laquinn 

15.) Mr. Mince

14.) Trakklacer 

13.) DamarTheEmcee

12.) Nathi & Alma Lake 


10.) Da League 

9.) Braggin Rights 

8.) C. Arson

7.) Faze

6.) LOWZ

5.) Trap Jones

4.) Tebby

3.) Melody N Lyrics

2.) Alano

1.) Kwoat

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