Verified Brand of the Week: MostKnownUnknown

The year of 2017 has been dropping nothing but HEAT when it comes to the latest music and most importantly fashion trends. My boy Kevon Cooper, the founder of KnownUnknown has finally brought his vision of his clothing line to life this year and the results have been up to #Verified standards. 

“I chose the name KnownUnknown to represent not only myself but so it could fit for everybody, in a sense that you can be known by social media or for what you do or the people you surround yourself with but everyone else still have no knowledge of the real you. The crown stands for each and every individual that are kings and queens.

The initial motivation for Cooper starting this line was based off the love he had for fashion while supporting other local lines. He wanted to create something that he would be proud of and call his own.

As far as gear for the KnownUnknown line, the first year’s launch was just T-Shirts. Coming soon Cooper states how the line plans to
release hats, shorts, tank tops, joggers and other apparel later this year so stay tuned for the release of some more #Verified threads.




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  • Pries Williams

    Awesome Nef! So very proud of you… you brought your vision to life. 💪🏾💪🏾

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