Destined For Greatness: Jayden Martelle

Destined For Greatness: Jayden Martelle

Meet the unapologetic emcee from Long Beach, California Jayden Martelle. Who I honestly must say is pretty dope. . I always wanted to lowkey be out in Cali. Motivated by taking care of his family and himself, Jayden uses every bit of inspiration he can find to stay focused on his goals. Also into fashion, Martelle is currently working on clothing line ideas as well as preparing for the release of “No Apologies 3” set to drop later this month.

Check out No Apologies 2, A 4 track EP which rides, we’re curious to see how Jayden Martelle will chart this month, as competition continues to heat up. Also watch the video for “Franchise Tag” and read the exclusive Q&A below the video.

Jayden Martelle Q & A.



Where are you from? 

I’m from East Long Beach California

When and how did you get into music?

I got into music just being a child in the house with my mom playing oldies. I hated it as kid haha didn’t know how I would feel about it in the future.

-What is your motivation?

My motivation is taking care of myself and my family. And being a thriving businessman, I come from the hood.

Has there been any time in your journey where you felt like pursuing something else instead of music?

I always think about doing other things besides music. I’m designing clothing lines and all that. I used to be in the streets a lot before. Usually smoking weed and staying presentable for all my women friends hahaha.

-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far.

Everything I do is a big moment on my side. Mostly seeing my music being played in other countries. Seeing my work streaming online.

What do you feel the industry is missing?

I don’t think the industry is missing anything. I feel like it’s too much of this and that. Taking away some of the bullshit in the industry might help independent artists more

-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist

Well as of today I’m lyrically unique. It’s not much of that. I have brilliant ideas according to some of my friends working at majors. Just have to find my lane and execute.

-Where do you see yourself going with this? What are your big plans?

I have multiple projects in the work with my FGFA family. I’m also dropping my third piece of a 4 EP SET. It’s called “No Apologies 3” set to drop mid august.

-What are your rates for features?

I don’t charge every one for features, it’s really about the vibe the other artist brings. I’m not jumping on no bullshit tho hahah on me.

-Whats the best way to get in contact with you if we need work done?.

Contact me on Instagram (Jaydenmartellefgfa) twitter or just google me you’ll find me “Jayden Martelle”