Living To Inspire: DJ Kiddo

Living To Inspire: DJ Kiddo

“I’ll Dj until I can’t Move” 

Born Shenise Thomas, Dallas’s very own DJ Kiddo is one of a kind. Since 2011 she has been rocking shows, events and parties in Dallas. HOWEVER, when Thomas was just a toddler, she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a genetic disease affecting her nervous system. Over time, muscles deteriorate while the condition progresses and there is currently no cure. She relies heavily on the support of her manager and life partner Dinesha who she also credits her help for getting her out of the street life.  Growing up in South Dallas with love and support DJ Kiddo has never asked for anyone’s pity instead she is a constant reminder of how precious life can be as well as an inspiration.  After graduating High School in 2003, Thomas made decisions and was influenced by life on the block until one day it struck her that she could be doing a lot better for herself. One day on the block, Thomas was reminded that she’s way smarter than what she’s displaying and recommended for her to find her true calling. She remembered how she used to study magazines and started revisiting the art of DJ’ing.


Determined to teach herself, Thomas started volunteering as a DJ locally and eventually received her first paying gig which was $100. People were drawn to her energy, as she developed the persona “Kiddo” which was created by a former instructor at ATI Career Training Center where she graduated in 07.  Spending countless nights on YouTube for training, Thomas craft and reputation began to grow. After plenty of hours of hardwork and reaching out, DJ Dupri ( VP of Campus Kingz) reached out to DJ Kiddo and announced her as an official member of the coalition. Life expectancy isn’t very high for people with the same condition, currently Thomas is working hard to continue to inspire people and promises to keep going until she can no longer move while also working on her Entertainment Company, On Go ENT.  Connect with Shenise DJ Kiddo Thomas below and don’t let anything stop you. Most of you artists aren’t stricken with a life long disease, so stop making excuses. Salute to DJ Kiddo and all her people out in Dallas. Continue to inspire. We’ll keep moving.



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