“It’s so much talent in Columbia, S.C. but it’s rare that any of them make it out”

Reezie Roc aka T-Roc was born Terrance Fordham in Columbia, SC but he currently resides in Charlotte. Making his debut, Reezie Roc is an all around American rap artist and the CEO of (CLMG) Camplyfe Music Group aka 48 Camp ENT. Reezie Roc is very charismatic and his presence has commanded attention from a young age when he first figured out he wanted to be an entertainer by always kept his friends laughing. While most of the kids were out stealing, selling drugs, and chasing girls; he was learning the process of recording music and operating a studio. His first mentor was a producer / engineer that allowed young T-Roc to hang around the studio and learn, although he was raised in an area where making music was the last thing on a teenager’s minds.  He did not allow young T-Roc to get on any of the tracks from the beginning because they were for sale or for someone with skills. ” My mentor didn’t feel like I was up to par yet, I was only freestyling at the point.. Although he thought I was witty and good with words, he demanded much more.

Motivated by the strong demand from his mentor, young T-Roc began to write every day. His writing skills quickly elevated, determined to prove that he could hang with the big boys. Once T-Roc stepped into the booth and killed his first track, there was no turning back. He cared less about pushing buttons and focused his attention on lacing track.

Reezie Roc’s influences came from a vast group of musicians such as 8 Ball & MJG, Pimp C & Bun B, Master P, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, 50 cent, Future, Amigos, and more. Many of his biggest influences came from his home town of Columbia, SC. He mentioned that there is so much talent is Columbia but it is rare that any of them make it out of the streets.

Fifteen year later, he is prime and ready for the music industry by building a strong resume consisting of mixtapes, videos, photos, features, movie roles, clothing, Alcapone Cigar sponsorship, and much more.

Reezie Roc is now promoting his newest single called “Ya Digg” produced by Spiffy Global. “Ya Digg” was produced, written, and recorded in Atlanta where it is getting a lot of attention. Now it is time to bring it back home to the Carolinas and then distribute it to the world. Connect with Reezie Roc and check out his newest music below:

Reezie Roc- On Go

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